Learn how to optimize posts to generate the most interaction for your business. Hashtags can be extremely under-utilized; learn how to effectively use them to have the highest search engine optimization. How do you set up a Facebook schedule? Twitter schedule? And Instagram? We will review a general understanding of social media and online marketing or tailor the workshop to your company's specific strategic plan. Learn how to communicate with effective posts that reach your target audience and influence your consumers.

Here is what we offer:

  • Corporate Workshop | 5 hours

           In addition to an audit and strategic plan, a workshop gives your company the opportunity to break out into small groups, participate in brief exercises, and learn in a workshop setting over the course of 2 days.

  • Social Media Training | 3 hours

         A great option for a business just learning the ropes. This training does not encompass your business specifically, but rather goes over the how’s and why’s of social media and marketing. We will overview SEO, Google Analytics, an overview of the top social media platforms that will have everyone leaving the training session feeling confident with how to power up their business in the digital age.

  • Custom Training or Workshops