Joining Montana Entrepreneurs

After the last three years of working in economic development, I am thrilled to be joining Montana entrepreneurs and start-ups as I launch my own business. It's been a whirlwind year: gaining clients, networking, and learning from mentors across the state. Now the time has come to press "Enter," launch my website, and proudly display on social channels what I've created, but there is some hesitation. This must be the feeling that all start-ups and entrepreneurs feel... "What if I fail?"

Another cup of Coffee.

Okay, fears have subsided and joy, excitement, and eagerness are only on my mind (thank you Keurig).

Montana has welcomed me with open arms and available resources. How could I say "No"? I already have amazing clients whose businesses I've had the pleasure of watching grow. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the effect of Instagram on a fading small business. Being a part of the growth stage- watching followers rise, and the owners confidence rise with it- is what I love most about my job.

Here's to a new venture doing what I love, in the place I love most.

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Founder | Head Marketer